NABC- New Automation Business Company W.L.L"
is a newly started company in Qatar .

HVAC control system specialist to provide automatic controls and control panels for the building services industry.
NABC is a unique systems integrator and turnkey contractor offering.

About Us

Our Company

To help increase safety and save money while enhancing efficiency and productivity of businesses through our proprietary cloud-based IT and custom mapping software solutions. .



Integrated Building Automation System & Maintenance • Fire Alarm, Cctv, Security System,Access,Lighting Control, Water Leak Detection System, Biometrics, Boom Barrier, Metal Detector, Etc., • Industrial Automation With Plc & Instrumentation .



This may require integration with existing controls, conformity with standard protocols such as BACnet, Modbus, or LON, or custom engineered solutions.

Our Latest News

Turning off your computer at night can save up to 25% of its annual energy costs, Reducing your thermostat down 1 degree can save up to 8% on heating costs, Unplugging chargers when not in use saves up to 10% in energy..